Our Mission

UK Manufacturers of quality survival gear for teams, organisations and individuals.

Through innovative thinking and the high quality of UK manufacture we aim to offer the best and most effective outdoor survival products available today. We are always keen to work with organisations to find the right solutions to meet their requirements and make our products the best possible.

At SURVIVA we aim to build good working relationships with our customers allowing us to modify and adapt our products to meet their specific needs.

Why SURVIVA? Manufacturing in the UK gives us real advantages with communication and the ability to produce products at short notice. We are able to work closely with you and pride ourselves on being able to understand and respond swiftly to our customer’s needs. Our products and packaging can easily be customised and we can take your ideas and turn them into reality. Since we started, with the initial concept of the SURVIVA JAK, we have focused on developing innovative products built to withstand the extremes and the challenges of the great outdoors.

Our new product range has taken major steps forward becoming more user friendly with improved functions and enhanced re-usability. SURVIVA understands the need to minimise its effect on the environment. Our target is to be carbon neutral within four years. We are currently working hard to minimise our carbon footprint by sourcing local materials wherever possible. We are also passionate about supporting the economy and are doing our best to partner with local and UK based companies. Being ethically sound is a priority for SURVIVA.

We work hard to minimise our negative impact on the environment, reusing our waste and aiming to become a zero to landfill company.

Our markets: We welcome anyone from any sector as a customer. If you are looking for an innovative way to increase brand awareness, are an avid outdoor enthusiast or an organisation helping in the care, safety and wellbeing of others, SURVIVA will embrace your challenges and work with you to fulfil your goals. Our products are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers in some of the most challenging conditions imaginable. Our products are, never the less, relevant for everyone, whether you keep one in your car glove box in case of break down or are rowing across the Atlantic, our products can help to protect you.

Some of the organisations we supply our products to are listed below:

  • Devon Air Ambulance
  • Shelterbox
  • NATO
  • Street Pastors
  • Street Angels

SURVIVA has supported athletes, adventurers, soldiers and ordinary people all around the world and we feel that it is our responsibility to continue to do so. If you care about people as much as we do, get in touch with us and see how we can help you.