The Silver Lining Project

Here at SURVIVA, we love the world around us and think that enjoying it should be fun.

However when things go wrong, which inevitably they sometimes do, when this happens you’re in the hands of those who have come to help you.

We created The Silver Lining Project in order to give something back to those who are there to help when the unthinkable happens. The Silver Lining Project allows SURVIVA to donate to the people who step up to help when it’s needed.

Our supported charities currently include the Wales Air Ambulance, Devon Air Ambulance and Shelter Box.

It is our comitment that we will give 5% or all our profits to charity.  So not only are you getting a fantastic deal, you also help the people who directly help those in need.

When you purchase directly from our site you get to choose to which of our charities you’d like your donation to be allocated. Simply click on the charity of your choice to add to the basket and this will tell us where you want the donation to be sent.

 But it gets better, even when you buy in the shops, 5% of what we sell goes directly into The Silver Lining Project and is split equally between our charities.